What is Dyagnosis?


to build a better life!


Based on the underlying principle of this philosophy www.e-dyagnosis.com  AIMS at a timely Prognosis – Diagnosis and successful treatment of children’s Learning Disabilities, from early infancy. As a result, the abilities are strengthened, chances for education are created, and learning disabilities are overcome. The children’s abilities and dexterity are being appreciated, while they use their own minds to improve their lives, from the beginning!


What is www.e-dyagnosis.com?

It is an electronic application diagnosing Learning Disabilities by combining 21 questions and the IQ RAVEN test based on many years of detailed research by Dr. Maria Xystrou. She obtained her PhD in Sociology of Education – Psychology, further to her thesis submitted to and approved by Brunel University of London and recognized by the Greek State. www.dyagnosis.gr  has proved to be an easy & fast tool in its use for the purposes of prognosis and diagnosis, low cost and 97.6% precision for children who probably have Learning Disabilities. Given the fact that questions involving reading, spelling and the use of language are not included, it can be applied even to children of pre-school age as a Forecasting Test for Learning Disabilities. The very high accuracy level as a result of statistical analysis, compels/makes the use of www.dyagnosis.gr the best choice.


The purpose of www.e-dyagnosis.com

A timely and prompt Prognosis – Diagnosis and successful treatment of children’s Learning Disabilities aims at flexible progress in education and learning.

Not only do the test results help the teacher, the family is also better able to spot the weaknesses and choosing the right targets for the child. In our society, any discrepancy from the ideal individual often means rejection or exclusion. Individuals facing Learning Difficulties are often treated neither right nor just. Because of ignorance, they do not get the support they need at home and school. They lack perspective and have limited social skills. They understand acceptable social behaviour but they are confronted with adjusting to the suitable social conditions and behave accordingly. They thus need to be recognized, the burdens defined for the realization of education, not only at basic but also advanced study levels.

Furthermore, individuals with difficulty in writing, reading, memorizing, - not because of their choice but because they were born like this -, do not easily integrate socially and do not make the full use of their potentials. The state diagnosis centres in learning disabilities make appointments after 8 months in the best case scenario and the private ones charge amounts way above average, resulting in education as a privilege to the wealthy people.

The results of www.dyagnosis.gr are confidential. In your child’s best interests, they may be communicated to the teacher if you so wish.


Targets of www.e-dyagnosis.com:

  • The timely diagnosis of learning disabilities, from early infancy, for appropriate and successful treatment. This way the abilities are strengthened and the learning disabilities weakened.
  • chances for education, so pupils improve their lives, creating healthy citizens that are able at the same time to contribute to their country.
  • help children no matter which social-[economic] class they are from.
  • recognition of abilities, possibilities and dexterity of children, using their minds, improving their lives, from the beginning.

If the crisis in Greece is not solved or even gets worse, especially youth will suffer from not being educated. Young people are the future, and are of great value to the economy.

www.e-dyagnosis.com  helps recognize the educational opportunities by using an IQ test in combination with 21 questions that give a prognosis and diagnosis for learning disabilities, so that children can make unhampered progress in education.


What are the advantages of www.e-dyagnosis.com?

When you know what is happening to you, you can deal with it. Otherwise you live and grow in insecurity, in fear with low self-confidence and without being able to achieve your goals and dreams. If your child rejects social structures (such as school) then he or she will look for alternatives, in many cases deviant activities. The learning disabilities are either because of school failure, which leads to adults or peers having a negative impression of the child, or the child having a bad idea of themselves. And this is what evokes deviant behaviour in such child when they are in a group.

Modern education is the key to a prosperous labour market and economy, which is important for a country’s stability. It allows easier integration. It shapes culture.

The majority of the population is educated. Strong basic education allowing people to get involved in their environment is the necessary foundation  for the development of the creativity which is required in order to deal with the universal challenges the world is facing. In other words, an early and accurate DIAGNOSIS for everyone

No more the educational gaps.

And most importantly!

Determined to build a better life!

To enlighten the mind and recognize the intelligent ones: our children.

This is www.e-dyagnosis.com

Visit www.e-dyagnosis.com and get acquainted with it! 

Because education is in the spotlight!

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The Scientific Group of e-dyagnosis.com

The above mentioned Diagnostic Tool is assigned – offered by the researcher of the electronic application Diagnosing Learning Disabilities «www.e-dyagnosis.com» in order to be used by anyone with an interest in this matter.