Start: 14 Dec 2018
End: 14 Dec 2018
Price: Free of charge
Location: Thessaloniki, 23 Dodecanisou str, 3rd floor

The Institute for Employment Development organizes a free-of-charge seminar on "Behavior and Characteristics of Learning Difficulties - ADHD".

The seminar will take place on Friday 14/12/2018 at 18: 30-20: 30, at our offices, 23 Dodecanisou str, 3rd floor.

The speaker of the seminar will be Dr. Maria Xystero.

Some facts about it:

    Doctor of Brunel University in Sociology of Education and Psychology.
    Graduate of the University of Crete of the School...

Dr Maria Xystrou, presents with Stefano some of the main characteristics of ADHD as they are perceived by his behavior.

The policy of Dyagnosis is that with the right psycho educational support, the individual learns to recognize, to accept and use effectively their abilities, in order to improve the quality of their everyday life.

An early diagnosis is crucial for the threatment. Dyagnosis offers you a great diagnostic tool! Visit our website...

My child is not interested in his/her lessons. What is happening?

-What is DYSLEXIA?

Dyslexia is very misleading because it doesn't appear in everyday verbal communication, since dyslectics don't have speech problems and they usually have excellent logic and intelligence. Only when we know its existence, we can treat it promptly and properly. In contrast, ignorance worsening their specific learning difficulty that appears in reading, spelling, written speech and particularly in the transfer...