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Problems or In Contrast, Excellent Performance in Gymnastics: Clumsy, asynchronous, they cannot keep their pace. But there is a likelihood that they have a well performance in sports, from which they gain their lost confidence.

Difficulties in Synchronisation-Keeping Pace-Rhythmic Μovements: Difficulty in rope climbing, head-shots in football, difficulties in pace and dancing.

Problems in sequence (of movements) (quite often): Slower learning of the correct and automatic execution of sequential movements (dressing, fastening, tying shoelaces).

Confusion of orientation-direction: Difficulty in distinguishing left and right. Difficulty in understanding oral instructions.

Attention and Concentration Problems: Restricted ability of attention and concentration and easily divided attention. Hyperactivity (= restless-lively), Impulsivity (= impatient, emotional, demanding, disorganised).

Memory problems and problems in succession (of abstract concepts): Problems in memorising poems, songs and learning of multiplication table, which are based on memorisation.

Problems in Speaking Structure: Delay in the commencement of speech, slow- immature grammatical and syntactical speech.

Medical Problems: Allergies, asthma, pain in ears and stomach caused by stress due to daily school failure. /p>